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EU-US trade agreement: TTIP Update March 22, 2013


  • The EU Commission drafted a proposal and sent it to the Council on 12th March 2013 (see EC Press Release . The draft proposal, a “restraint” document, will be discussed by the Council in the Trade Policy Committee (TPC) and is expected to give the final mandate to the Commission on 15/16 June.
  • In the INTA Committee of the European Parliament a standing monitoring committe has been created and it is composed by: Moreira (Chair, S&D, Portugal), Quisthoud-Rowohl (EPP, Germany), Schaake (ALDE, Netherlands), Sturdy (UK, ECR), Jadot (Greens, France) and Scholz (GUE, Germany)
  • The INTA Committee will prepare a Plenary Resolution on the TTIP for the May or June Plenary. A first discussion happened in INTA meeting on 20 March 2013 (see video of the meeting at minute 10.32.41)
  • A Draft Report on the role of the EU in promoting a broader Transatlantic Partnership (Rapporteur MILLÁN MON Francisco José) awaits Parliament first reading (this does not come from INTA, but from Foreign Affairs Committee)

In the USA

  • The Obama administration sent the Notification to the House of Representatives to announce the intention to negotiate with the EU

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